Time for hibernation, you sexy beasts, and we will see you sooner than you think!

Bestiarum2015_photo_by_Tea_Gabud (9)The fourth Bestiarum has come and gone and now we can peacefully hibernate through the winter, thinking about what a blast we’ve had… Let’s recapitulate!


We’ve had a rich and diverse performance line-up, starting with the playful playpiercing artist Vladimir Noapte. Our MC for the night was the ravishing and always provocative Swedish performance artist Ruby Tiger who warmed up the crowd for the dangerously hot opening act, the hypnotic Vladimir Ježić. The young Croatian rising star has provided two sexy, dark and twisted circus acts for the evening – one on a trapeze and the other with poi flags. Two more Croatian performance artists made the crowd scream for more… We are, of course, referring to Spazam Orgazam and Roxanne of House of Flamingo, the queens of drag queens – sensual, subversive and bitchy in the best possible way!

Bestiarum2015_photo_by_Tea_Gabud (78)Approaching the end of the evening we had the greatest American import product yet – Miss Crash and Clea Cutthroat, extreme performers, neo-burlesque artists and generally irresistible evil cunts that not only freaked the crowd out with performances, but then continued to rock the other floor with their brutal DJ set. The last but not the least, Andrea Ropes, the well-known Italian shibari master, took the stage. This was obviously not his first rodeo or his first Bestiarum, but with his always creative bondage art, one can’t seem to get enough of him!

Bestiarum2015_photo_by_Tea_Gabud (27)The music part of the evening was provided by a combination of Croatian and international DJs. Straight from Netherlands, so to speak, we had DJRW and DJ Rydel, residents of some of the most famous Dutch fetish clubs, not to mention some very hot Dutchmen. In the Croatian corner there were some rising musical electro-stars, starting with DJ s(k)elektor TRASHINGTON, DJ Suicide Commando and DJ End along with the musical live acts provided by Croatian artist already going international – Zarkoff – and two young violin players from Messalina duet.

Bestiarum2015_photo_by_Tea_Gabud (99)Visuals were provided by the irreplaceable Twisted Constructor, and the seductive bondage art exhibition by the Italian photographer Flavio Di Nardo. Our famous xxx cinema was the home of a ton of hay on which you could kick back and relax, in the dungeon you could play with each other, but we also provided a helping (or spanking) hand, the experienced dungeon master of the famous Italian Decadence club, Kraian von Switch. And in the dark room, well, who knows what went on in the Dark Room, but we can tell you there wasn’t a dull moment…

Bestiarum2015_photo_by_Tea_Gabud (111)We would like to thank everyone for coming and being fabulous, we see more and more creative people every year and we are proud to announce that this year’s edition has sold more tickets than ever! As always, we’ve sent you a survey to help improve the event each year and are very happy that more than half of the inquired guests rated Bestiarum #4 as their favourite one yet and we’ll do our best, as always, to outdo ourselves for next year’s fetish feast!